Monday, September 12, 2011


If you can't tell by my writing, I'm someone who can talk a lot. I can talk a lot about pretty much anything, because I somehow seem to put so much detail into stories, etc. I try to tone it down on the blog, but occassionally I just keep going and going!


I worked at the Study Abroad info fair on campus today to talk to people about Gonzaga-in-Florence. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be! There's something about just talking about some of the best days of my college career (thus far) that makes me happy. And I love answering questions. I miss nutella gelato and doner kebaps so much...

They gave us free Jimmy Johns and a drink (Diet Coke was my choice, as always) for free for working at the fair. I also got a free pen. Score.

Positano. Enough said.
Rome, how I miss you dearly.
 I actually started to get busy with class and homework. We had the past two Mondays off for holidays, and I don't have class on Fridays, so I've had 3-day weeks and long weekends with little beginning-of-semester homework to do. Now it's back to the real world and diving into assignments, papers, and extracurriculars.

I'm going to take another zumba class...starting tomorrow! I LOVE zumba. It is so fun. I highly recommend it for a fun way to sneak in exercise. It is so fun it doesn't feel like exercise (and I do like exercise). You sweat a lot, learn some sweet Latin-inspired dance steps, and burn up to 500 calories per class. And there's a lot of booty shaking, if that's your thing. Love. It.

We've had 90+ degree temps lately. And it's going to drop soon. :(
No! Not rain on Sunday! I'm not ready for fall quite yet!
Well, I was going to jump off the bridge into the river next weekend (campus ritual-thing-to-do-before-you-graduate) buuuuut now that it's going to cool off, I might use that as an excuse and do it next year. Haha. On the plus side, I can wear some cute new outfits with the fall shopping I've done recently. ;)

I really have been wanting to do more fashion posts! I've liked a lot of my outfits lately, thought they would be good to post up here, (and were waaayy better than my previous ones) but then either didn't have my camera uploader thing, or a person to take the photo of me...anyways. Hopefully I'll get on that soon and be posting more often!


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