Thursday, May 31, 2012

the wonders of cortizone creme

Apparently I sound like the Windex Guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when I suggest using cortizone creme to my friends.
It's so great, though! I originally used cortizone creme when I was 10 years old due to very dry skin on my hands. [My brother called me "Sand Paper Hands" ... thanks to the creme they no longer were like sand paper!] 
A few years later, I read in a magazine that cortizone creme reduces redness and swelling so it's smart to use on blemishes. My 14-year-old self was sold! Pretty much any part of the skin that is red, swollen, dry, or itchy can be helped with cortizone creme. 
A few of its many uses:
red spots
dry skin
bug bites [those darn mosquitoes...]
soreness/redness from piercings [I use it on my earring piercings sometimes]
A little goes a long way with cortizone creme. You don't need a whole lot, which is nice because the tube lasts a long time.

Because I'm not a doctor, make sure you read the product packaging, directions, other safety items before using!

I don't care if I sound like the Windex Guy. For years this has been the best - and un-replaced - skin care product I've used!


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