Monday, May 7, 2012

finals week snacks

I'm writing this in the midst of finals week! Yesterday was one heck of a day (studying for about 12 hours straight) followed by another heck of a day today. Which is why I'm posting so late!

Because finals schedules can be so weird, I've been eating at weird times. Often I'll grab a few snacks instead of a meal due to the time of day or when a test is. I thought I'd share a few of my snacks with you!
Pineapple, white cheddar mac n' cheese, popcorn, and vitamins

Okay, so vitamins aren't a snack ... but I take Vitamin C supplements (gummy to satisfy my inner 5-year-old) to keep my immune system going strong. I had a cold for a few days last week and upped my intake of vitamins, fruits, and veggies to knock it out of me - and it did! There was no way I wanted to be sick during finals. Therefore, I recommend taking vitamins for an extra boost when sleep schedules are off - like mine!

Pinapple slices are a great option because I have a major sweet tooth. I always forget how sweet and sour pineapple is! It's healthy and filling, plus cutting it up and putting it in a ready-to-go container in the fridge makes me more likely to eat it.
Air-popped popcorn is really yummy because it is crunchy and tastes great. I prefer air-popped popcorn over microwave popcorn because it is so much healthier. (No artificial preservatives or oils!) All you do is put the kernels in the popper for about five minutes - no oil - and then add butter and salt if you'd like. I got an air popper for only $15 and it's awesome! I also got this whole bag of kernels for $2, and it has lasted a long time.
No finals week snack list would be complete without macaroni and cheese! Even though it's not the healthiest snack, I just couldn't resist buying some! I like Annie's organic white cheddar bunny pasta. Not only is the packaging cute, but it tastes good too.
There you have it! My favorite snacks for finals week. Feel free to add your favorite snacks too, I'd love to get more ideas when my next finals week (or hectic schedule) comes around!


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