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gossip girl season 5 finale recap

The Return of the Ring Blair Waldorf Chuck Bass
I was able to watch the season 5 finale of Gossip Girl today, and I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the outcome! Now, if you are an avid GG fan and haven't seen the finale yet, avert your eyes from the rest of this post! It contains spoilers. ;)
So Georgina, as always, makes a comeback. However, she doesn't come in until the very end. Her trip to Italy with Dan will be very interesting and if they really go there and have Dan and Georgina start dating....well, that would be ridiculous. However, Dan being Dan, he will do anything for a damsel in distress and I can imagine that the show might take a possible relationship between the two somewhere. On another note, I'm glad that Dan was able to say no to Serena after cheating on Blair with her and finding out that Serena was scheming to keep Blair away from him.
Bart Bass is alive. Okay, what?! A couple of episodes ago when they revealed that Bart was still alive, I was shocked. It was the total "OMG" moment that the show always says it will provide. However, with Bart's resurrection comes his scheming to get Bass Industries back, and poor Chuck is out. Hopefully Chuck and sidekick Jack Bass will be able to turn things around, as we saw them discuss at the casino scene.
Isn't the photo above just adorable?! I'm hoping that next season Chuck and Blair will finally be together for good. We've been waiting for this since season one, people!

Other notes from the finale: 
Since Lily married Rufus after Bart's "death" and never officially divorced Bart, Bart is technically still married to Lily. This calls for an annulment with one of her marriages, and, sadly, she chooses Bart.

Nate gets a video from Diana showing Gossip Girl herself (or is it himself?!) rummaging through peoples' things at that weird prostitute party a couple episodes ago. Gossip Girl was dressed in an all-black outfit and wearing a hood, so I guess it will be a big build-up for next season. I wonder if we will find out who Gossip Girl is after all. I wouldn't be surprised if the show keeps Gossip Girl's identity a secret forever, though.

Serena leaves town at the end, and takes drugs from a guy. She has cut all her ties with pretty much anyone she cares about on the Upper East Side and is taking her emotions out in a self-destructive way.

Lola gives part of Cece's estate money to Ivy in return for Ivy's attempt to take down Lily. Seems like Ivy will be returning to the Upper East Side next season.

Eleanor decides to retire and turns her business over to Blair. Since Blair is not a designer, she will be running the show while choosing someone to design. The two went to Paris at the end of the episode.

The whole episode is nostalgic of the series premiere. Instead of the Shepherd wedding flashbacks, this episode includes the Shepherd's divorce party. Serena and Dan slept together in the same spot on the bar as she did with Nate all those years ago. Serena has the same expression on her face in the train window reflection, just like the series premiere. Dan went back to having a chip on his shoulder. Nate is just kind of there, but still good-looking. Chuck is currently not living up to his father's expectations in terms of business. So much similarity to the very first episode! I loved catching all these little details.
Gossip Girl Cast
Aw, a season 1 cast photo! How adorable.

In sad Gossip Girl news, the show's final season will be the next one and will only have 11 episodes, according to this article. I've been watching the show since the very first episode and will be sad to see it go! However, like every TV series, it needs to go at an appropriate time or else it will go downhill. I just wish it was a full season, not only half of one!
The Gossip Girl Cast

Any other GG fans? What did you think of the episode? What do you think will happen next season? Will Chuck and Blair finally be together for good? 


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  1. Ahhh! So exciting! Can't wait for season 6..