Wednesday, May 2, 2012

cheap nail polish finds

I was at the drugstore today and found a few awesome bottles of nail polish! Even though the trip was only meant for face wash, the shopper in me took a look at the makeup section. I love good nail polish finds, especially if they're cheap! Sometimes I don't buy cheap nail polish because of the quality of the paint and brushes, but some brands are actually pretty nice for the price!

Left: "Mezmerised" by Essie, $8

Middle: "Blue-Ming" by Color Club, $5

Right: "Energetic Red" by Sinful Colors, $2

I bought the Essie color thinking it would be similar to the shade of medium-wash jeans, but it's actually a little darker. It's more of a cobalt, saturated blue. It's still very pretty, though!

The "Tiffany Blue" polish in the middle is great! I'm rocking this shade right now. It's a beautiful robin's egg blue hue that is pretty good quality for only five bucks.

The red polish on the right is a gorgeous shade of red. It's not too alarming and not too subtle - a good in-between shade of red that's perfect for summer.

I'm thinking of doing a "French manicure" on my nails with the blue color in the middle and the red. The blue would be the base and the red would be on the tips. Do you think this would look good, or totally crazy?! If I like it I'll post some pics on here ;) and if not... well, you can assume it probably didn't turn out so well. Haha.



  1. Love the mint shade, I think your nail idea would have a fun color block look to it.

    xo erica

    1. Thanks! The mint is a really fun color. I tried doing the red color block on it but it looked horrible! I think it's because my at-home DIY manicures are a little messy...haha. Might take the colors into a nail salon and have a professional do it though. :)