Sunday, February 5, 2012


This is the weekend my friends and I finally took pictures! We always have a lot of fun but don't always document it. Sometimes it's nice to have just the memories, but I usually like to supplement them with a photo or two! A few highlights...

Charity Ball, one of the very few formals at our school, was Friday. It was fun to dress up and hang out together.
Saturday morning was my dance team's annual kids clinic. It was a sunny day and fun to see the kids super excited to perform at a Gonzaga basketball game. There was a total of 95 kids split up into four groups. I had the 7-10 age group and we taught them a dance to Domino by Jessie J. They loved it!
The theme was superheroes!
Super Bowl Sundaaayyyy! Every year some friends and I go to a family friend's house nearby. It is so nice to be in a cozy home atmosphere to watch the game.
Couldn't seem to get the lighting right! Nonetheless, it's another good group photo. :)
Have a wonderful week!

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