Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I think I dressed for the wrong holiday...?

wrong outfit AND awkward pose?!
Dress, belt: F21 Leggings: H&M Rain Boots: Sperry Charm Bracelet: Juicy Couture

So I might have leaped a month ahead to St. Patrick's Day in terms of my color scheme for today - I did not forget that it is Valentine's Day! I just wanted to wear this dress. It's new. Wearing new clothes is exciting. I wear pink all the time anyways.

I love the cutout details of this dress, though. The color and style make this dress perfect to wear with leggings and rain boots (it snowed today) or with wedges and a sun hat (for when it warms up).

Also, I know it's getting late, but I just found out that Ben & Jerry's is giving out one free scoop of Americone flavored ice cream today! So grab your date or some friends for a free treat!

I love anything free. Free my favorite price. Can you tell I'm a college kid?


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  1. LOL..In a way its a good idea to take a break from red, pink and black on V-day - standing out in a crowd! Love your bracelet!

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