Sunday, February 19, 2012

california dreamin'

I absolutely love California.

Every time I visit, I experience true joy and miss it so much after I leave. I get the feeling that it is where I am supposed to be. I almost went to college in Southern California, but decided on Gonzaga in the northwest instead (which is an awesome school). When I decided to go to Gonzaga, I knew after graduation that I would like to move to California.
I graduate in just a little over a year. Fifteen months, to be exact. I have fifteen months to enjoy college, the best time of my life, before I move on to my other dreams.
I'm nervous. I've been to California countless times, but I've never lived there. I know only a few people. But that's what makes it exciting. A new, fresh start.
Sunny weather, being active, living near both the beach and the city...ah, it sounds so wonderful. I know Southern California can have its flaws - expensive living, overdone plastic surgery, the occasional earthquake - those are just stereotypes. I may love it, or I may hate it. I just know that I need to at least get it out of my system ... so I'll have no regrets.

Cheers to the next fifteen months, and to whatever's up ahead!



  1. SoCal is one of the places I'm dying to travel to! Oh well, someday...!


    1. Hope you get the opportunity to go someday! It's a beautiful place :)