Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's that time of year...midterms

girl asleep
This is what I've felt like this past week.

As midterms week inches closer and closer, I get busier and more tired. Having late-night dance team practice with a 7:30am class the next morning is a recipe for exhaustion! I do admit, I love dance team and the 7:30am class is my favorite of all my classes, so it is worth it. I do need to take care of myself, though.

Last semester I wrote this post about "surviving" midterms week in terms of staying healthy and studying. I am so glad I re-read it, because I really needed to read those tips again. I need sleep! I need sleep to memorize the material I learned that day, to have a clearer mind, and to be able to focus more and be productive.

I suggest reading it if you're nearing midterms too, or are just really busy! Taking care of our bodies is so important, yet it is often quickly neglected when we get tied up with other things. I just took a nap - I needed it! I feel much more awake than earlier this afternoon, and am ready to go to practice.

Happy Leap Day!


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