Thursday, February 23, 2012

dreaming of rome

This semester I am taking a Roman archaeology class, and today's lecture only had me dreaming of my days in Rome (I studied abroad in Florence last summer with a four-day opening tour in Rome.) I miss it so much! When the professor showed a photo of the Stadium of Domitian on the PowerPoint, I could almost taste the nutella and strawberry gelato I had near Piazza Navona.
The first gelato I ever had
One of the three fountains at Piazza Navona
We discussed The Colosseum earlier this week...
I met an Italian who said "I live that way, near the Colosseum" like it was no big deal
We talked about The Pantheon too!
The oculus inside The Pantheon
The Vatican is gorgeous! It was cool to see some of the art in the book that I saw in the museum.
I took this photo of The Vatican from far away at this other castle! What wonders a zoom lense can do
I am so nostalgic right now. I miss Italy so much! I so, totally, completely, hope I am fortunate enough to go back and visit.

But for now, my Roman archaeology class will just have to suffice!



  1. I went to Rome a few years ago, and wish I could go back right now :( It's so beautiful. I'm thinking of going to Florence this summer-would you recommend?

    Great blog, I'm now following xx

    1. I agree, Rome is gorgeous. YES I would definitely recommend Florence! It has a cool city atmosphere with great shopping, dining, art, and nightlife. My time over there was so great it's hard to put into words. I miss it so much!

  2. Italy is amazing. I went in high school like a million years ago but would jump at the opportunity to go again! one of my fav things was hitting up a bistro, then grabbing gelato and walking to the beach! so lovely. xoxo <3

    1. That sounds SO perfect right now. I loved the beaches; they are so gorgeous. Italy is so beautiful...hope you get to go back and visit as well! PS - loveee your blog, I'm following :)