Saturday, February 25, 2012

a few kate spade spring pieces

I've always loved the vibrant colors and cute prints from Kate Spade. I'd enjoy going to the Kate Spade store on vacation and look at all the fun pieces they have. 

Anyway, I still love Kate Spade today - some things are a little out of my personal price range, but it's always fun to be inspired! Here are a few of my favorite pieces out right now:
This would work with so many outfits! It can add flair to a casual outfit and complement a dressy one. So pretty!
A thin bow belt has been on my wishlist for quite some time! A black one would go with everything, but this also comes in a coral-orange color as well. This would be a perfect addition to a pair of bright, colored jeans this spring!
I have the laptop version of this sleeve (I didn't see it online) and I love it! Mine is in black, with gold metal accents. The inside is lined with an adorable polka dot pattern. I like how it is simple yet fun, and totally functional.

[Random, but funny story: my mom had this red Kate Spade purse when I was in elementary school, and there was a point in time where I was at the exact height of the bottom of the purse when she was wearing it. So when I walked next to her and she'd stop, bam! The purse corner would hit me in the head! Haha. Just imagine that...]



  1. I need that iPad sleeve, as well as the laptop version! Super cute! :)