Sunday, March 24, 2013

floral statement necklaces

After seeing a photo of this beautiful necklace (on a recent tumblr saturday), I've been on the hunt for the perfect floral necklace for spring. Here are a few similar ones that I'm looking at:

The red Kate Spade necklace is gorgeous! It is the most similar to the one I've found yet to the one in that photo. 
I like this one from Etsy too - there are multiple colored flowers.

I keep coming back to look at this one from J. Crew Factory! The colors compliment each other well and are pretty versatile, in my opinion.
I think this one from Ruche might be my favorite, and it's only $17! The only thing is that it is sold out. :/ Maybe they'll restock soon?

Which one is your favorite? Do you like floral statement necklaces?



  1. The blue/green/yellow necklace is my favorite! It would look so great with a crisp white blouse and a bright skirt.

    ~ Caroline

  2. Such a wonderful collection of floral statement necklaces I must say. Though, all are stylish, but I like that third one the most. There is no doubt that the right necklace added to any outfit can enhance the charm of your outift. It can add glace to a boring outfit. Recently, I also bought a silverware statement necklace from The necklace is having a silver chain few colorful beads. It looks pretty and goes with each outfit.