Sunday, March 17, 2013

vegas, according to my phone (tons of new pics!)

I posted some photos from my Vegas trip last week, but just uploaded the many photos I took on my phone! Most of them are from when we were out at night (so fun) because I didn't want to haul around my DSLR. Ahhh, I miss Vegas so much. I cannot WAIT to go back! Whenever that is...which I am hoping is soon. :D

First pic I took was at the airport - I was so thirsty and regretted not bringing a water bottle! Good thing Starbucks gives you free water....
Outside the Paris hotel:
Bathroom pic....haha
 Inside the Paris hotel. Gorgeous!!! I loved the painted sky. It was light and didn't feel like nighttime. I want to go to the real Paris, so visiting the hotel was fun.
 Sorry....not going to take a $2 peppermint in the bathroom.
 We went to Stripburger and it was really yummy.
 In our Gonzaga gear before the semi-final game!
Palm trees and 80 degrees. The life. (It was 75, but still - it was close).
The Chandelier Room at The Cosmopolitan. I so wanted to take one of the sparkly strands! But I didn't. It was so beautiful. And you know me, I love lots of sparkle.
They were measuring the length of their legs compared to their torsos....haha.
The Strip at night:
Hey, the Starbucks barista spelled my name right! This almost never happens since there are so many ways to spell Ally.
 Forever 21 had this adorable pink french bulldog makeup case I could not resist getting it!

 Spring Break was such a nice break for me. All of my midterm exams, mid-semester projects, and papers were due before break so I just got to relax and have fun. Spring Break was the perfect time for me to reflect on what I want in life, what I want to do after graduation, and spending time with some amazing Gonzaga people.


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