Sunday, March 3, 2013

senior night

Our last men's basketball game in the kennel (the stadium on campus) was last night. Every year, the last game is called Senior Night, where the basketball seniors are honored. There are also mentions to the dance team, cheer team, and band. I can't believe it was my last traditional Gonzaga basketball game!
Since I was an unexpected mess of emotions - bittersweet feelings, lots of crying - I completely forgot that the team gives the seniors gifts on our last game!
I LOVE these flowers! I always see them at the grocery store but never buy them for myself. I know the colors are artificial, but I don't care! I love the color they add to the kitchen.
We all got photo boards with our names on them, too. I also got a sparkly photo frame and decorative A to hang up in my room! I LOVE these gifts. The A says "don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle." These gifts were so thoughtful! And very "me." :)
We had one last "circle up" before we went out to perform. (This is where the seniors cried, haha). A photographer captured this moment so well. It's the moments we share together as a team on and off the court that make dance team so special. I will dearly miss our pre-performance pep talks!

What a fantastic four years. I still have NCAA (we perform and cheer for the women's tournament) and a few other non-basketball performances. So it's not quite over yet! (Thank goodness, I couldn't handle that.)


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  1. the colors of those flowers are gorgeous. i was on dance team too, i know that nostalgic feeling :(