Monday, March 4, 2013

statement necklace

Necklace Swank Boutique Tank Chaser Jeans DL 1961 Flats Nordstrom (similar) Watch Michael Kors (new style) Sunglasses Nordstrom (very similar) Earrings Nordstrom

We finally saw the sun for the first time in at least a week! There was no excuse to not go outside and take photos. (Don't worry, I was wearing a coat in the sunny-yet-still-36-degrees weather.) However, it was SO windy! I could not get my hair to cooperate for even one photo....



  1. Great necklace! I've been into statement necklaces so much for spring this year and this necklace could go with so much!

    ~ Caroline

  2. In love with that necklace! It is gorgeous!