Monday, November 5, 2012

throwback outfit

Yesterday I decided to recreate an outfit I wore two years ago. Two years ago, when I applied for an internship with College Fashion (and got it! Yay!) I attached photos with the application. I went outside on a beautiful fall day with a friend in the outfit I wore to class. I loved how the bright pink popped against the fall leaves.

Guess what - I still have almost all of the same pieces of clothing! Here's what I wore yesterday.....

and what I wore two years ago....
The only differences: The gold bracelet broke, so I wore a different one yesterday. The old jeans were from Forever 21 and ripped (so sad...they were my favorite), and I wore different Sperrys yesterday (but I still have the plain pink ones I wore in the old pics!)

What I liked about wearing this outfit was realizing that classic pieces of clothing can really build a wardrobe that lasts. A favorite pair of jeans, shoes, a cardigan, a scarf - the same outfit can still be worn years later!

Do you ever repeat outfits? Do you think repeating outfits (even years later) is "breaking a fashion rule??" 

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