Friday, November 16, 2012

friday's fancies - autumn treat [starbucks iced mocha]

This week's Friday's Fancies theme with long distance loving is favorite autumn treat. I don't really have a favorite particular one, but this week I've had an iced mocha almost every day.

I agree, iced coffee doesn't really scream "autumn." (I don't like warm drinks! I know, I'm weird.)

But the recent spike in iced mocha purchases may or may not have to do with midterms/very busy week with school.

So....this time during the fall semester is the time I drink plenty of iced mochas (just finished one, in fact.) That's how I will tie that somehow into this week's theme! Here's the outfit:

...I even used clear jellies to mimic the clear, plastic cups that come with iced drinks! The green bag is like the straw, haha. (And am I the only one who wishes there are Christmas cups for iced drinks too??!!)



  1. I'd totally wear this while sipping an iced mocha :)

  2. love the dress!


  3. love that pretty dress!!! :)
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