Tuesday, November 20, 2012

currently packing...

This is the shoe collection in my closet.
 This is the size of my suitcase.
Oh, the decisions one makes when deciding to bring which shoes home for a few days. I often tend to over pack. I think, what if I want to wear this instead? Or, what if I need something dressier (or more casual?)

I leave for the airport in six (yes, six!) hours to fly home for Thanksgiving break. Luckily, my carry-on (I don't check bags for Thanksgiving) is packed and ready to go!

I decided on four pairs of shoes: two-tone boots (for matching many neutrals), black Tory flats (very versatile), brown booties (I have a particular outfit in mind), and my Nikes for exercising.

Safe travels to everyone this holiday!


1 comment:

  1. I love packing but I hate carrying too much stuff so I tend to plan my outfits really well so I wont need to carry that many things. I guess I'm the opposite of you, I am a light packer.
    Have a safe trip.