Wednesday, November 14, 2012

keep calm and elevator pitch

I just got my first set of business cards ever. I feel way too grown-up. But. I really like them. Since I plan/hope on moving out of state post-graduation, networking is a little trickier. I'm hoping I'll find time to take short trips to Southern California and possibly other various places (Charleston, SC anyone? Who knows!) before graduation so I can go to networking events and job shadows.

This whole graduation-is-coming-you're-about-to-enter-the-real-world thing is scary. I absolutely love college. I feel so at home at Gonzaga and I couldn't imagine spending these four years somewhere else. However, I know I need to think practically and realistically and recognize that these four years are almost up. Before this blog post gets too sentimental and I start crying on my keyboard (ahh!) I'll get back to the actual subject of this post: the business cards I got!

This is what they look like:
Of course I added some social media info! (I smudged out my contact info and portfolio link for privacy reasons, of course)
I got these from Moo I was really pleased with the fast shipping, easy setup, and number of design choices. I chose this design because it defines "Elevator Pitch," an essential networking skill. I think it's a quirky/fun way to use these cards, seeing as they will be used for networking purposes!

When I explained the business cards to some of my non-PR-major friends, they were like, "Uhh, those are cute but...why?"

Must be some nerdy PR thing.



  1. i met a person today that offered me her card and it looked just like this...had to come online to find out where she got it! Found you! You're doing good, Ally!