Sunday, January 6, 2013

last semester school supplies

As I'm gearing up for my last semester in school ever (ahh!) I'll need to pick up a few more school supplies to get me through these next four months. (again - ahh! Only four months left....) These are the tried and true supplies I've used every semester that keep me organized.

Post-it notes
Post-it® Super Sticky 3" x 3" Print Notes, 10 Pads/Pack
I couldn't imagine not having post-it notes! I use multiple post-its daily, to write down everything from reminders to short- and long-term lists.

BiC mechanical pencils
BIC Matic Grip® Mechanical Pencils .7mm, Dozen

Since freshman year I've been using these pencils! Each pack comes with 12, and I'm actually only on my second pack since then.

Sharpie® Accent® Retractable Pocket Highlighters, Assorted, 8/Pack
From my planner to study guides to notes, I color code everything with Sharpie highlighters. I wish there were even more of a variety of colors!

5-subject notebook
Mead Five Star® 5 Subject Notebook, 8-1/2" x 11"
I'll need one last 5-subject notebook. I've used one every semester, and each year I've used a different color. (Freshman year was dark red, sophomore year purple, junior year green, and senior year orange.) However, I'm taking six I might have to get another small 1-subject one, unless I have a class where I don't take notes in. We'll see.

I still can't believe I have a week and a half until the whole "second semester senior year" thing starts. I love college and am not ready to leave quite yet! :/


PS - outfit posts will return soon - still getting some laptop issues resolved!

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  1. Love this post! I love checking out school supplies, silly as it seems!