Tuesday, January 15, 2013

last first day of school

Chose a pink notebook for this semester! Then realized I also have pink nail polish and a pink jacket on....though I have to say I'm not surprised with myself. I'm also right-handed, not left. I guess I was trying to be cool for the photo (ha)
Today just flew by, and now I'm finally getting time to sit down and blog! I had three of my six classes today - advanced public speaking, graphic design, and my public relations capstone class. Based on the first day, all three classes are great. We have 45 students in capstone (a large class for our small Jesuit school). We're all PR majors and everyone is super chatty and awesome. I love it. Graphic design will be fun too because we get to work with InDesign and Illustrator. (Speaking of - my Photoshop is BACK! Finally.)

Tomorrow I just have journalism and marketing, and then next week I'll get into my multimedia class. This is my first semester with no core classes. I am so beyond excited to be done with biology, and if you've been following my blog for a while, will be relieved I won't complain about it anymore! ;)

I just got back from our first dance team practice of the semester, too. It is so nice to be back. All the energy of seeing everyone, the exercise (those endorphins!), and dancing just made me so happy! I also just became the Foursquare mayor of the gym on campus too. I got pretty embarrassingly stoked about that. Tonight, just like any other night after practice, I have a ton of energy. YAY.
I'm just trying not to think about how this is my last first day of school. Ever. I'm not planning on additional school, so....this is it. It is exciting and terrifying and sad and bittersweet. Any other college (or high school) seniors in the same boat as me right now?



  1. This is most of my friends' first last day, too, but this girl has three more years! Hope you have a wonderful start to the semester..sounds like it has already been on that path!