Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I am currently rehearsing a my first speech in my Advanced Public Speaking class for tomorrow morning. I am talking about dance and how it has significantly contributed to the person I have become throughout my life.

I love dance. I love performing. I love every dance team I've been on, especially the lovely Gonzaga Dance Team.

I'm bringing all four dance uniforms from Gonzaga Dance Team to class tomorrow as some of my visual aids. Seeing all four dresses laid out makes me feel so nostalgic. My four years are almost up. I have had so many great performances in those dresses. I can't believe that my time with dance team is almost over. :(

No matter what, even if it is just by teaching Zumba, I really hope to keep dance part of my life in years to come.

Okay, okay! I'm not letting myself get too sappy yet! There are still two more months left :)



  1. Enjoy dancing! You can always find ways to keep it in your life! Life surprises you :)

  2. Aww... You'll find a way to keep it in your life. Promise :)

    Good luck with the speech!