Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Since Halloween is on an awkward Wednesday, there was much debate over the past few weeks on deciding which weekend to celebrate - the weekend before, after, or both? What about Wednesday night?

Well, being the wonderful college students we are, most of us decided to celebrate starting last weekend, up until this Saturday. YOCO (You Only College Once? Yeah....)

I was the black and silver Spider-man (Spider-girl?) on Friday and a mermaid on Saturday. (Check out my mermaid costume from last week's Friday's Fancies!) I'm debating on whether I have time to buy materials and create a loofah costume for tonight. I saw some other girls wearing a loofah costume, and it is SO cute! I'm obsessed. I might have to jump on the loofah bandwagon.

I also might revive my Twitter costume from sophomore that people actually use Twitter and know what it is! I wore a blue dress, yellow tights, and wrote "follow me" and the Twitter logo on my arms with face paint.
I lost the feather boa though... :/

Here is some more HALLOWEEN, one of fall's favorite holidays!
screaming strawberries.
Fall Snack Mix
Halloweentown! This was/still is my best friend's favorite movie. [photo]
Halloween + drinking = wine bottle jack-o-lanterns!


PS - what did you dress up as (or planning to dress up as) this year?

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