Wednesday, July 4, 2012

happy independence day!

Last year, I came home from Italy right before Fourth of July. While going through customs, the customs guy was looking at an American girl's passport and said, "Ah, you're born on the Fourth of Juu-liee. Big party, big party!" This made me laugh because of how he said it, but he is right! Today is a day of celebration, and we have a lot to celebrate! I think during all the barbecues, fireworks shows, and other festivities, it is important to remember our country's independence and why we celebrate. 
So on that note, HAPPY FOURTH! Go 'merica :)



PS - So a couple of days ago I made this post about some sweets & snacks for the Fourth ... but I think I'm going to go with this one instead - funfetti cake dip. And I want to stick a little American flag in the middle of it to add our country's colors! What do you think?! Are you making anything fun or wearing a special outfit for the Fourth??

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