Friday, July 6, 2012

victoria's secret selling norts-like shorts!

I just about flipped when I walked into Victoria's Secret PINK and saw their new athletic shorts - I was so excited I took a picture of them on my phone!
A PINK version of my favorite Nike shorts?? I had to try them on. I tried on the grey/black ones in a size small (the same size as my Nike ones) and they seemed just a smidge bigger and longer:
I was pressed with time, so I didn't try on a smaller size. I didn't get the shorts this time, but might go back and see if the smaller size fits better! I did, however, get these new cropped leggings:
The colors are brighter in person, my phone didn't do the best job of capturing that... There are plenty of new options with different patterned bands though.

Click here to shop the shorts online!



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