Wednesday, July 11, 2012

brandy melville - free shipping over $50!

So I was on Facebook, and of course Brandy Melville popped up in my news feed - they are offering free shipping in the US for orders over $50! I am both glad and mad that I saw this. It's a good deal, but at the same time I don't necessarily need to be spending are a few things I am considering getting (juuuust in case I take advantage of this offer):
I cannot imagine wearing this right now (it is in the high 90s all week), but it looks super comfy! I like the color, the gold zipper, and how it's  a little bit longer than the average hoodie.
Another warm-weather item? What? I feel like I am betraying my own love for summer right now. But I really like this...
What a cute sundress!
Classic Brandy Melville denim shorts. Well I am in the market for another pair of denim shorts...hmm, these might actually be purchased tonight!

An LBD under $30? Um, yes please.
Too cool for school.
Dainty, simple rings that still make a statement. And they're very inexpensive!

For more information on Brandy Melville - aka one of my favorite brands - check out this post on its history and how I discovered it in the first place!


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