Sunday, July 29, 2012

skinny belts

When belts over the waists became big again years ago (was it 2005?) I didn't like them at first. It was ninth grade, and I was fine wearing my bootcut jeans and gold Hollister belt slung diagonally over my hips, thankyouverymuch. At that time, I had just dipped a toe in the skinny jean trend but could not even fathom wearing high-waisted jeans, nevertheless a belt higher than my hips. Later, I grew out of the Hollister-Abercrombie phase and experimented more with fashion, and even - gasp - tried out belts over my waist! What a perfect way to cinch the waist, add color, and make baggy shirts and dresses much more flattering.

Over the years, belt trends have come in and out, but the cinched waist is still going pretty strong. Lately, skinny belts have had the spotlight. They are perfect over dresses and high-waisted skirts, but I'm loving them as actual belts, too. A colored skinny belt can be the only color you need if you're wearing denim, white, or neutral-colored shorts or pants.

A few skinny belts I adore these days:
This is the green belt I wore last week. I've worn it a few different ways already!
The bow on this belt is adorable! I love the powder blue color.
This colorful, beaded belt is unique and would be a cool statement accessory on any outfit.


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