Thursday, April 4, 2013

success & happiness

I gave another speech for class today (I feel like I write a lot about my class speeches on here, haha) about defining personal success. I cited this article and I definitely recommend reading it! It was very inspiring and has even helped guide me in my job search. Basically, the author simply asks,

How happy are you?

The author pretty much states that if you are happy, you are successful.

You may have to sacrifice some parts in life for others, but if you are happy, you are probably doing things right for yourself. It's a good thing to ask yourself if you're happy overall. For me, I'm pretty happy right now. I am so comfortable being at school, with great friends, doing fun things and learning a lot. I'm nervous for the upcoming change (graduation...) but have been reflecting on what I want out of the beginning of my post-college life, and how it will make me happy.

Anyways, like I said in my speech, you deserve happiness; you deserve success. And if you define success based on happiness, you'll be both. :)
I know everyone defines success differently. How do you define success? Do you agree with the article?

Have a happy night :)


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