Tuesday, April 23, 2013

blue ray-bans!

Wellllll, you can see my friend Lauren (friend and today's photographer) in the reflection, haha.

 Ray-Ban sunglasses | Free People dress (similar) | Martin + Osa cardigan (similar) | Report flats (similar) | Nordstrom bracelets (similar) | Entourage earrings

I am so loving my new blue mirrored aviators. I went to Nordstrom 4 times to look at them before actually making the purchase! They have already becoming a favorite in my accessory collection, even if they are a little crazy. I don't care, I love them anyway! It took my a while to admit that because they are a newer trend and a little "out there" ... also, my ex-boyfriend from high school used to wear mirrored aviators and I thought he looked like the biggest tool. Haha. So....

I'm also wearing the earrings from Leslie that came in my blog swap gift!! Love the subtle addition of orange next to the blue.



  1. Ooh I love your outfit, the colors are perfect together. Love your dress. xx

  2. I LOVE aviators, but they look terrible on me! Love yours!

  3. Ally!

    You look stunning. I LOVE this post and your glasses are so cute! What a beautiful background and lake. Looks so relaxing and tranquil. Super chic outfit!

    XO Jenna