Monday, April 8, 2013


I felt more tired today than usual. While I didn't get a full eight hours last night, I got a solid 6 1/2 (which isn't bad, considering the pile of homework I had). Then, after class, I took a two hour nap. TWO hours! I take naps probably about once a week (or more depending on the week), but rarely sleep for that long. Oftentimes I'll have something to do or will set an alarm so that I make myself get up and be productive.

Part of me was thinking that I should have set an alarm today so that I could be more productive. But also, part of me realized that I still would have been tired, and maybe not as productive. (Or even cranky! No thanks.)

Getting sleep is so important, and I think I forget that sometimes and put it on the back burner when I get busy. I think, oh, I'll just grab coffee later or go to the gym to boost my energy. But in the end, your body needs sleep. This is something I know in the back of my mind, but need to remind myself now and again. I even wrote a more extensive blog post on the subject last year! It explains a few of the many benefits of sleep and why you need sleep. Let me know if you find it helpful :)
How cute is this sleeping baby? [photo]
On that note, goodnight! I'm going to bed zzZZZZzzzZZZzzzZZ


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