Monday, April 29, 2013

dance team end of the year party & more senior ball [tons of photos!]

Yesterday was quite the day for end-of-the-year celebrations! First, I was at a Student Publications lunch, then a dinner for the communication honor society, which I left early to go to the Dance Team end-of-the-year party! What a day. My feet were so worn out from being in my giant 5.5 inch heels all day that by the end of the night I had to switch to my backup flip flops. :) Here are some pics!
With Lindsey wearing our honor chords! I cannot believe how close graduation is...
Tiramasu, so good. It took me back to Italy! 
Pink lemonade :) 

Then it was time for the dance team party.....with a surprise party bus! HAHA it was great.
 We were driven to an "undisclosed location" which turned out to be a dinner in Coeur d'Alene!
Those of us 21+ had drinks with dinner ;) 
Then we went back to campus and got little gifts! Love the shiny wrapping.... 

We exchanged our final "secret sister" gifts and revealed who we had all semester, watched a lovely end of the year video (oh the memories), and did fun awards. I got the "Miss Congeniality" award (YAY) and then for my fun award I got "Most likely to...own a fitness empire." Haha :)
In the shiny wrapping was a neon crop top from American Apparel! So fun. We also got mismatching socks and a DVD of the video. For my "Miss Congeniality" award I got nail polish, a mini loofah, and the quote wall decoration. Lauren, who was revealed as my secret sister, gave me the makeup bag, pink wine opener, coasters, floral earrings, a notepad, nail polish, and candy. It honestly felt like a birthday! (In fact it actually happened to be one of the girl's 22nd birthday).
One of the girls' secret sister gifts was a Guess Who board game made specifically with our dance team faces! It was so creative and hilarious and thoughtful that I had to take a pic!  
 I only have a few photos with us actually in them for now (forgot my camera and only had my phone), still waiting on Facebook and Instagram for the rest of the cute photos!

That being said, here are some more senior ball photos either from my phone or from what I've collected from a bunch of different people this past week:
With our friend Will

and again 
With Ellie (why we chose to take a photo in the bathroom of all places...) but love our sparkly dresses! 
With Alexa outside 
You can only kind of see in the photo, but I was all scratched up from the sequins from my dress! Haha 
Lauren and Patrick
Someone said something funny that made Lauren put her hand on her face, wish we could remember what it was.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoying the end of the year for those of you still in school!


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  1. Your senior ball look was too cute! Congrats on being so close to the end!! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK