Wednesday, April 10, 2013

my senior ball dress

Today I took a quick little trip to a local boutique in between classes. Little did I know that I would find the perfect dress for my senior ball! Every year Gonzaga has a formal dance called the Senior Ball for everyone to enjoy a nice dinner and night with the awesome class of 2013. I got a sleeved, black and gold dress. It is super sparkly (would I get anything less?) and it is pretty versatile year-round. It was on the cover of People Style Watch in November :)

This dress is formal but still young, and I feel like I will get a ton of use out of it in the future. Yay for sparkle!
I also got this necklace today. I had my mind on it a few weeks ago when I bought this necklace, but decided to wait. Luckily, they had one left today! When I got the dress I loved it right away, and with the necklace I had actually been thinking about it for a while - those moments are the ones where you know you will not experience buyer's remorse!
^Expect to see this in an outfit post soon ;)


PS - this is also my 100th post of the year! Which means it is the 100th day of 2013. WOW, does time fly! And, that's a lot of posts. Haha. Happy 100!


  1. Ok serious question- I grew up in Sandpoint, so I'm pretty familiar with Spokane. Whenever I finally make it to the airport, I consider myself HOME! Where the HECK did you find a dress this cute there? I need to find these spots when I'm home!

    1. Hi Julie, cool that you're from Sandpoint - it's nice to hear from someone familiar with the INW! I found this dress at Swank Boutique, which is on Division St across from the Northtown Mall, in the same shopping area as Ulta and DSW. They have a bunch of cute pieces! The clothes are pretty reasonably priced, some pieces are less expensive and some are more expensive (that dress was $88 and the necklace $28). There are some other boutiques like Cues and Jigsaw downtown, but I don't like those ones as much. And then the Valley mall just got an H&M a few months ago. Hope this helps! xo-ally

  2. I haven't really been anywhere in Spokane besides Nordstrom, the REI store (thanks Mom) and the airport in a few years but it sounds like it's changed a lot! I'll have to explore next time I'm there.