Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a little etc.

A little etc.....

My outfit yesterday, I took to the selfies :P I was able to break out the navy chino shorts!

My skills in the kitchen don't extend too far past eggs, but this combination is yummy, healthy, and filling: 
1 slice toasted 60-cal Dave's Killer Bread
2 organic eggs
1/5 (probably? I just a few slices) of avocado
A handful of spinach
Salt and pepper
And you have an open-faced egg sandwich!



  1. Love those shoes Ally!! You are so darn cute. Are you interested in swapping buttons for the month of April? I do a Sponsor Spotlight post and all :-)

    XO Jenna

    1. Hi Jenna! I'd love to swap buttons :) thanks for asking! I haven't done a button swap yet so I'll need to make one haha.....I'll email you more about it!

  2. I want your shoes! And the egg sandwich looks yummy.