Wednesday, May 8, 2013

studying for my "final" final...

My view the other day studying on the grass
I've had a pretty easy week so far in terms of finals, which I didn't expect considering I took 18 credits (the max amount) this semester. On Sunday I had a speech final, but we just went out to a restaurant and gave short speeches. It was so much more fun than a test! 

Since I took some finals early, I just have one more test left tomorrow morning ( early for me....) and I'm about to go to the library. My "study outfit" often consists of leggings or Nike shorts with a t-shirt, but since I was out and about running errands today, I wanted to wear regular clothes instead of gym clothes. (But really - sometimes I feel out of place wearing gym clothes off campus. One time I wore Nike shorts and shoes to the doctor's office and he asked me if I was on the cross country team....#awk have any other college girls experienced this? Haha) anyways, this is what I wore this afternoon and will wear to study. The whole outfit is SO comfortable, especially the denim shorts. 

I also finally found a graduation dress! I had been looking and looking, to the point where even buying online wouldn't work because it wouldn't ship soon enough. Finally I just went to a little boutique and found this mint and pink dress! Perfect for spring and just the right amount of daytime formal for graduation. And it was only $42 - you can't beat that steal.
Haha you can see my purple pillow pet in the photo :P

Have a wonderful Wednesday, lovelies!



  1. LOVE the grad dress and I love your outfit! I always feel like I look like I'm going to the gym, so I've started to try to wear something different unless I'm going to the grocery, library, or actually to the gym!

  2. that graduation dress is so cute!! Everyone on our campus always looks like bums.. The wardrobe of most girls is nike shorts or leggings, and oversized t-shirts.Your study outfit is precious! Good luck on your last final!