Thursday, May 2, 2013

electric green chinos & orange stripes

Nordstrom tank (similar) | J. Crew shorts (new colors) | Nordstrom belt (similar) | Kate Spade bag (similar here, and this one has a metal bow!) | Michael Kors watch | Forever 21 bracelets | Nordstrom sweater | Ray-Ban sunglasses | Sperry boat shoes (this exact pair happens to be on sale!)

It's so sunny today! I got to take my bright green chino shorts out of the drawers for the first time in a long time. The warm weather makes me want to do anything but be inside, but unfortunately I have a final to study for this afternoon. Maybe I'll study outside on the grass :) it's crazy to think that tomorrow I have my last actual class as a college student! And only two more finals and my thesis paper. So, so, so weird letting that sink in.

I also love the color combo today. Orange and green have been a favorite color of mine since I saw Blair wearing the orange-green outfit on Gossip Girl (beginning-ish of season 1, where Blair and Nate break up, I can't find a photo of that outfit online). I like to put the colors together if I get a chance!


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