Friday, September 7, 2012

BLAST from the PAST: reflecting on a post written a year ago

First of all, I cannot believe I've had my blog for over a year. I started it in March 2010 and didn't really pick it up semi-regularly until last September. I was looking at old posts, and came across from one a year ago today! It explained that I rarely had posted on this blog since I started it and what I had been up to those days.
I love you, blogs, and coffee

It's so crazy how much has changed and how much has remained the same. I'm going to fill you all in on what is similar and what has changed since I wrote that post last year. [Click HERE to read last year's post!]

1. SIMILAR: Yup, classes just started again! Back to homework, tests, and papers. I'm still a public relations major, and am happy that I made the decision to switch to a promotions minor so I could have a double minor along with my major.  CHANGED: I'm a last year in college! Sad moment.

2. SIMILAR: I'm in the same apartment and my cooking habits have not changed. Eggs, toast, eggs and toast, peanut butter toast...those are still my regular meals. If I called myself "pro at toast" last year, then I must be a master at toast now. CHANGED: I remember to take photos of stuff I do more often if I want to post it on here. Win.

3. SAME: I wear that watch almost daily. :)

4. SIMILAR: My friends were so generous on my 21st birthday! They made me a cake, birthday cup, and birthday sash. Thank you friends!

5. SAME: One thing I love about Spokane is its hot, sunny, summers. Summer is still going strong and I have a trip to the pool planned this weekend!

6. SIMILAR: I still have those two nail polishes. CHANGED: I eventually got them open, but rarely wear them. It turned out that the white doesn't mix well to make different shades (the ombre nails idea) and the glitter is just a typical top coat. At least I don't feel bad about spending $1.96 on them, haha.

7. SIMILAR: I still have all of those mentioned items! CHANGED: This was one of the skirts, and it ripped near the waist (darn you Forever 21!) I also don't wear feather earrings or hippie-inspired accessories much anymore. My personal style has evolved a little; my look these days seems more put-together and girly.
8. My desk is still a mess because I forgot, again, to bring that desk organizer thing back with me. I ended up selling the Xbox to a friend because I never used it ... I felt bad about getting rid of it but I don't have any video games nor do I have the time to play them.

9. CHANGED: Wally Blue The Fish died five days after. Then my roommate got a new fish named Lady and it died two days after that. We decided to steer clear from pets for a while...

10. SIMILAR: My friends threw me a birthday party again!! That was so nice of them. They also gave me a crown again, but instead of pink, it was silver with sparkles.

11. SIMILAR: I went to the annual Pig Out in the Park festival again, and got ice cream, again. As well as an overpriced, $4 strawberry lemonade. Crazy to think that that was my fourth time at Pig Out in the Park and it hasn't changed one bit. It's one of those random college traditions that you don't realize became a tradition until years later. #nostalgia


I also have changed my blog design (and am thinking of switching it up again sometime in the near future), began tweeting/pinning/tumblr-ing regularly, posted over a hundred outfit posts, and started teaching Zumba classes. Plenty of other things - big and small - have changed so much. But I am still in the same apartment, still eating toast for most of my meals (I had it for both breakfast and dinner yesterday), love to dance, and walk around on the same campus every day.

What will things be like next year? I have no idea. I have many ideas of what I would like to happen. But next year I will be out of college. Everything will be so new. I will be in the "real world." On my own. Living somewhere completely new. With (hopefully) a "big girl job." While some things stay the same, life can be so unpredictable.

Cheers to the future! Even if it scares me a little.


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