Friday, September 21, 2012

friday's fancies: game day!

This is my first Friday's Fancies! I've been wanting to link up my Friday's Fancies with {long distance loving} and thought today would be a great day to start: the theme is game day! (I was going to start last week, the theme was fall lust list, but while that is an awesome theme I am resisting fall and cold with every ounce of my body. Haha.)

My school doesn't have a football team (at least we haven't for decades) but our basketball games are awesome. The Kennel Club experience is one like no other. I put together something I would typically wear to a basketball game:

The student section is very casual. (Especially compared to those in the south - sometimes I wish I had an excuse to wear dresses and heels to a game!) While heels would look nice, however, we do a ton of jumping during Zombie Nation ;) - see video below - comfortable shoes are a must. I usually wear my Sperrys. Everyone wears the same red t-shirt (I don't have an image for this year's exact shirt) and then face paint or even accessories like tutus, bows, or beaded necklaces. If I'm performing with dance team, then I'll stay in my dance team uniform!


A pre-game tradition is always Zombie Nation. This video shows the whole student section from the other side of the stadium. So cool.

I can't wait for the kickoff of basketball season this October!


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