Sunday, September 30, 2012

baseball tees

During the early teen years, I used to always like it when guys wore baseball tees. I thought they looked so attractive - Chad Michael Murray and Zac Efron? Two of my celeb crushes during those years, and they both knew how to rock a baseball tee and jeans! Haha.

I've been seeing baseball tee-inspired shirts for girls lately, and I think I might add one to my fall shopping list. More casual than a blouse but more detailed than a plain t-shirt, a baseball shirt would be a fun piece to wear with jeans on a casual day, or even a skirt if it looks right.

What's your take on baseball tees for girls? Will you be wearing one this season?


PS - weren't Chad Michael Murray and Zac Efron adorable back in the day? I loved when they wore baseball tees. And, well, they're both still pretty cute nowadays :)
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