Friday, June 24, 2011


**So, this was supposed to go up a while ago, but the internet hasn't really been working. Anyways...!

Currently I am in Sorrento, Italy on the Amalfi Coast, but now I'm going to write about my trip to London last weekend!

London was definitely one of my favorite trips so far. We got there the day their 2 1/2 month rain drought ended...of course. But it was so great that the rain didn't bother me too much! I loved the city atmosphere, the people were so nice, and there was so much to do. I didn't make it to Topshop (so sad!) but I did get to see Buckingham Palace, Greenwich, Big Ben, and all that main stuff.
We also went to go see Wicked. It was so well-done. People were saying it was better in London than on Broadway. The only show I've seen on Broadway was Jersey Boys (which was amazing), but I thought Wicked was so good. The girl who played Elfaba had a fantastic voice, as well as everyone else. And of course, I loved the dancing in the background.
The next night we went to go see the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel that looks over the entire city. It started with a 4D intro video which reminded me of Disneyland and then we went into a "bubble" and got to see the city that way.
After that, we went out to dinner and some clubs to see the city nightlife. I'm not totally sure what music everyone is listening to in the US, but in the UK all I'm hearing is Adele, Florence and the Machine, and new party favorites like Party Rock Anthem and Give Me Everything. Everywhere we go, we hear this music.

On the way to the airport, Nicole and I stopped at Abbey Road. I was so. so. excited. I walked across the same crosswalk as The Beatles, right?

Now I'm sitting in the sun next to our rooftop cabana in Sorrento, Italy. And loving it. After a day in Capri and the Mediterannean Sea, we're going to Pompei tomorrow. More on that later :)


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