Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1:27 am

This isn't a photo of my desk, but it looks pretty similar right now with all the books and pens and laptop open.

I've been writing a research paper all night. My paper is due tomorrow, but I wrote down in my planner that it was due next week.


Which is why I'm doing it now, since I had class 5:30-8 and dance 8-11. It was my bad though! I'm just mad I wrote the date down wrong, haha. This reminds me of the Gilmore Girls episode when Rory wrote the date wrong in her calendar for going to Yale and how she blamed Loreli for being home late because she wanted to stalk Bono.
"It's quick, it's peppy, and everyone loves a good pope story"

Now if only I could blame stalking Bono for writing the date down wrong. :P
 I don't mind being up late, I just wish the Thai restaurant stayed open this time of night. I've been majorly craving fried rice!

This post is being typed as my eyelids are feeling heavy... I guess this isn't the most exciting topic. #sorryboutit

Next post will be more interesting, promise :)



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    1. Thanks! I did get a little sleep and took a longggg nap after class, haha. have a good day! -ally