Monday, December 5, 2011

Prep Week

Coat: Gap Shirt: Nordstrom Skirt: F21 Leg warmers: Urban Outfitters Boots: Corso Como

Today marks the beginning of Prep Week at school. Since final assignments worth no more than 10 percent of our grade are allowed to be due during this week, all of the big papers and assignments were due last week. This week, well, a lot of big assignments are still due (many professors ignore this rule). This past week has been very busy, and I have hardly had any downtime! (As in, no blogging. Sorry for the delay of posts!) I thought today was going to be a pretty regular day until it got a lot busier than usual. That's okay, though. I like being busy.

I'll stop writing on and on about school. It's not very interesting, is it?

Well then, let's talk about my outfit. It's a little different today with over-the-knee leg warmers under a pair of riding boots. I paired my striped tee with this burgundy skirt and added a knitted headwrap (not pictured) and coat for extra warmth.

I'd say this definitely isn't my best photo, as I took it at night when the sun had gone down and didn't have the little bit of natural light from my window. I couldn't get the lighting right! All in all, I felt this outfit might be worth sharing.


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