Saturday, December 10, 2011

chaps for breakfast

Dress: Nordstrom Bracelets: F21 Wedges: Tory Burch Watch: Michael Kors

Darn the sun for going down before 4pm. I blame winter, not my decision of taking an outfit photo later in the day. The last couple of outfit pics don't have the best lighting. I've been so busy with finals that I hardly have any time to take photos of my outfits! Finals...blahh.

This morning a few friends and I went to Chaps, a restaurant in Spokane that a friend of mine works at. Since she is studying abroad next semester, today was her last day so we went there to visit her at work and have breakfast. And get free candy canes. It was a great start to a Saturday morning.



  1. I love your outfits and the new theme for your blog. It's better than the old one.