Monday, December 30, 2013

instagrams from europe 2013


It's been quite the time here in Europe...adding 11 European countries to my list of places I've been, I've gotten to live my dream right out of college. I'm so happy I was able to make traveling happen. It was something I worked so hard to do and to figure out. I only have 10 more days until my return to the States - and I'm making it count!

European countries I have been to as of December 2013: Italy, Ireland, England, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Turkey

There's still so much to see in the world. Feeding my travel bug has helped sustain it for a little, but also made it worse - I have even more travel dreams, and hope to make them happen someday.



  1. wow, these pictures are amazing! I'm super jealous! haha. Just found your blog and I love it! Definitely will be following along :)