Sunday, December 30, 2012

new lululemon clothes :)

I went to Lululemon today with the intention of exchanging leggings for the blue pair in the photo above....and walked out with a tank and jacket! #Typical

I was so excited with my purchases that I just had to share them on the blog! The blue crop leggings are the Run: Inspire Crop IIs and will be perfect for running. I have a pair of the Wunder Under crops and these are tighter and lighter, but still just as comfortable. They also make my legs slightly resemble an avatar :) haha.

The No Limits tank has an attached sports bra so it's basically two-in-one! The tank is made of a mesh, sweat-wicking material and the bra is basically like the Free to Be sports bras they have. This will be perfect to wear when I teach Zumba classes - doesn't show sweat, looks cute, and is super comfy! I also love how the sides dip low so it shows off the sports bra.

Andddd finally, the neon pink Forme Jacket. I usually either wear my Nike dance team jacket, my North Face fleece, or a crew neck sweatshirt as my "outerwear" for the gym. (Usually I need to wear a combo of the three in the winter - it gets cold in Spokane!) Now I have the perfect jacket! I like starting my cardio with a light jacket on anyways and this bright pink one will make my workouts all the more fun.

What do you wear when you work out? Are you a Lululemon fan too?



  1. Those leggings....oh my gosh. I would go to the gym just to show those off! When I work out at my campus' fitness center I'm usually in a t-shirt and soffee shorts- obviously your work out gear is a LOT cuter ;)

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. That pink jacket is really cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. you are all so sweet! thanks for stopping by and commenting :) xo-ally