Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas playlist

Yesterday morning my roommates got together to make a pre-Christmas breakfast before we leave after finals! We made eggs, hashbrowns, and coffee cake while listening to my Christmas playlist from last year. While I like the Pandora Christmas station, I always go back to these faves of mine - some of which have been on my Christmas playlist for literally years and years.

You can't go wrong with The Beach Boys or Michael Buble! And I love Christmas Eve by Celine Dion - it reminds me of our family friends' house at Christmas time :)

The Greatest Time of Year has been a staple on this playlist since junior high, partially for the nostalgia and partially for the exciting holiday spirit I get into when I hear it.

Have you listened to Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes? It's actually pretty cool. He puts a modern spin on the song by both singing and rapping. 
Watch this awesome hip hop dance to it. THEY ARE SO GOOD.
(I also prefer "Drummer Boy" over "Mistletoe." I can't take the line "Shawty will you, oh, oh, oh" 40+ times seriously in a Christmas song. Haha.)

Maybe This Christmas and Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time are two of my indie Christmas faves. Sufjan Stevens's whole Christmas album is great, but this one by him is so upbeat and exciting! 
Maybe This Christmas has been on every holiday episode of The OC so I've favorited that one over the years as well.

What is your favorite Christmas song?


PS - sorry for the lack of outfit posts lately! I've literally been wearing leggings and gym clothes all week. Because either I'm studying for finals or at the gym. Haha. Maybe I'll decide to put on a decent outfit soon :)

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