Monday, July 18, 2011

Hippie Lovin'

I am in love with sixties/seventies-inspired fashion these days. I think that was one of the coolest eras in modern history with some awesome fashion. It seems like everything was so relaxed, so carefree. If there were any time that I'd want to travel back in time to, it would be the late sixties. I want to be that relaxed and carefree.

I want to lay in a meadow and close my eyes and breathe in the fresh scent of the grass around me. Give me an acoustic guitar. I want to play songs about peace and talk about life. I want to experience Woodstock. I want to just go back to that time and hang out for a week. No cell phones, computers, or other technology to distract the world.

Let's slow down a bit, just for a week, back in the sixties.

That's part of the reason of why I am so excited that bohemian pieces are resurfacing in the fashion world in a big way.

Here's some editorial inspiration:
From Fashion Copius - photo by Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused

Here are a few items I have my eye on:


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