Friday, July 22, 2011

golden raspberries

It's summer, and while I love relaxing in the sun I've been busy babysitting (my summer "job" - hey, gotta pay the bills) and staying inside with all this rain we've been having. Babysitting can be a little draining sometimes, long hours, early hours, late hours...talking about pets and dogs and boys and new TV shows on Disney. I really can't complain at all though. It's fun, it's easy, I get to play outside, and take the kids to ice cream. It's nice to enjoy your inner kid-self.

Anyways, I wore this outfit (yesterday...still trying to work on consistency with this!) because it was grey, cold, and rainy outside and it was an excuse to wear a summer scarf.

Scarf: a market in Italy Tank: Brandy Melville Firenze Bandeau: Brandy Melville Firenze Jeans: Forever 21 Flats: Tory Burch Handbag: Nordstrom

I also recently found golden raspberries at the grocery store and was so intrigued I had to try them out for myself! I honestly have never even seen these before, but they're so yummy.


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