Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative cuffs & beautiful bangles - I'm loving jewelry line Evocateur

Last weekend I stopped by Nordstrom for a few minutes. I was quickly scanning the large department store with the few minutes I had (I just had to take a peek at the anniversary sale!) and stumbled upon these eye-catching bangles. I wrote down the name of the brand, Evocateur, on my Blackberry so I could look it up later.
Art Flower Bangle

Their website says, "Handcrafted in our Connecticut studios, our artisan jewelry and accessories feature 22K gold leaf and sterling silver leaf embellished with vintage jewelry, striking images and other found treasures. Our designs feature a refined eclecticism which reflects our love of the traditional and the ancient, blended with the modern and contemporary. The line, which includes cuffs, bangles, pendants, earrings and belts can be found in premier boutiques and stores throughout the US."

My favorite pieces were the cuffs and bangles. Prices range around $200-$350. It's not exactly in this college girl's budget, but there's nothing wrong with looking at them!
Titanic Blueprint Cuff
8 Ball Cuff
Chrysler Pink Cuff
I Do! Cuff

The Art Flower Bangle is my favorite. Hmm, maybe I'll put it on my birthday list.... :)

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