Monday, April 21, 2014

mean girls monday: week 4

Michael Kors sweater | Luisa Via Roma skirt | YSL shoes | River Island hoop earrings | River Island handbag | Etsy (BluegrassSassLC) bow

It is Week 4 of Mean Girls Monday and this quote is from the beginning of the movie on Cady's first day of school. It's kind of random and kind of hilarious. I've been seeing a lot of wire necklaces in the shape of states or countries lately, and I thought they would be perfect to compliment this quote. As for the outfit, I was inspired by Cady's light pink and periwinkle blue color combination, which she wore a couple of times in the movie. The cut of the skirt is more updated, and instead of a ribbed henley tee, I used a pretty pink cashmere sweater instead.

"There's a Mean Girls quote for everything," I like to say. To celebrate the movie's 10 year anniversary (it came out on April 30, 2004), I'm doing a series on Sunny Sweetheart called Mean Girls Monday, where I share an outfit inspired by a quote from the movie! While the classic quotes are 2004, the outfit will be "updated" to make it look fashionable in 2014. Check back for next week's Mean Girls Monday with a new outfit inspired by one of the iconic quotes!

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