Thursday, May 19, 2011

Italian Fashion Post #1

I am loving all the fashion here I'm seeing in Italy. While I've finally started shopping when I got to Florence, my bank account has taken a small hit. (Euros have much more value than American dollars!)

What I've been loving is how all the European people seem to dress - a little more put-together, a little more classy, a little more...everything. And I love it. I've seen plenty of fedoras, summer scarves, cross-body bags, men in awesome suits and ladies wearing heels on their vespas.

What I've been seeing all over the stores lately are summer brights. Super-bright color-blocking, like seen on the Gucci runway, were a hit in the Italian H&M and Zara stores. Color-blocked heels in neons were everywhere. I kept seeing "Gucci orange" and "Gucci green" all over the place - especially paired together, like at the Gucci Spring 2011 RTW show, below:

Loved this "Gucci orange" dress from Zara:

I also got a really cute white, sheer cropped-ish top from a boutique called Subdued. I'm excited to layer it with different tanks underneath - my plan tomorrow is to wear it with a white tank underneath tucked into high-waisted white shorts, a thick brown belt, gladiator sandals, and a straw hat.

The shirt looks a little like this one from Forever 21:

Here's a photo from the H&M Italy lookbook - that's the hat I got today!

Tomorrow I am going to Elba Island for the weekend (off the coast of Tuscany, no big deal...) and am super excited to wear some more tropical-feeling summer ensembles. I'll keep you posted when I get back from the beach!

ciao bellas,


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